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Managed Networks

eighty8networks Direct Connectivity

Our core and edge locations go through the world’s most popular data centers. Whether you are looking for connectivity to cloud and/or SaaS platforms or looking for low latency routers to a liquidity trading venue we have a multitude of service offerings that can be provided.

Managed Internet

eight8networks Managed Internet Access delivers high-performance, highly available Internet service to connect you to business-critical applications and services hosted by multiple data centers and service providers. Connectivity to hosted services needs to meet the most demanding requirements for speed and reliability today — and the capacity to address the IT and business demand of tomorrow.

eighty8networks Managed Internet Access comes with a 99.99% availability service-level agreement (SLA). Built-in redundancy ensures that your data always has an open and available path to travel. In case of a connection congestion, your traffic is immediately re-routed to a more optimal network, so your business always remains fast and connected.

Managed Router/Firewall (CPE)

Our CPE service provides you with remote configuration, management and maintenance, resulting in 24/7 supervision of your CPE and Network. Eight8networks supports Cisco and Fortinet equipment and s staffed with certified experts on the respective equipment.

Network Optimization

Network optimization is an important part of network management, because it allows you to prioritize traffic and guarantee a certain amount of available bandwidth for the most critical applications. Streamlining data protocols, which bundles multiple requests from chatty applications into one.

Managed Ethernet Private Line

eighty8networks manage Ethernet Private Line provides you with high-speed site-to-site connectivity, supporting the delivery of Voice, Video and other mission-critical applications. We provide QoS functionality to deliver a variety of point-to-point and multipoint Ethernet services. Low latency, fast reliable connectivity that can connect you to cloud platforms, SaaS workloads or data centers anywhere in the world.

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